Monetization guidelines

The approval system has been implemented to ensure all apps made with Kodular stick to a basic set of standards that we believe are essential to ensuring advertisers are not scammed

The system helps us filter out low quality apps which seek to mint money by polluting apps with ads.

We at Kodular encourage you to make apps of your own, either by starting from scratch or remixing projects made by other Koders.
The approval system prevents copies of the same app being monetised and distributed (often with no attribution to the original app developer).

Apps that have adhere to guidelines from the third-party advertisers will be approved (for example, for serving ads through Google Admob, see this).
That said, apps that encourage users to click on ads, apps that have their sole purpose is only displaying ads (and also those apps that provide some kind of compensation for watching/clicking ads excessively) will not be approved.
The approval application forms that are not complete, clear or deviate into other topics than describing the apps will not be approved.
Please make sure to provide relevant information in the application form to get your apps approved quicker.